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Changing the Style of a Photo Using Generative Fill in Photoshop

Came across a neat little trick for changing the style of a photo (for example into a watercolor painting or oil painting) using Photoshop’s generative fill feature:

Basically you just go into Quick Mask Mode in photoshop, fill the mask with 30% grey, and then use an artistic style using generative fill.

I’m not exactly sure why the masking works vs just selecting the whole image and using generative fill, but the method works.

I found through testing that it works really well for scenes, but doesn’t do as well with people (unless it’s an extreme close-up).

Some users on Twitter have suggested just zooming into the face, running the prompt, and then re-compositing the face back onto the original photo.

The method I found that works well is copying the original face onto a new layer, and then layering it on top of the generated image with a 60% opacity. This helps retain all the original details of the face, while still allowing the art style to come through:

Art Style Photoshop Generative Fill

I also played around with compositing photos onto the generated image with no opacity, with some good results:

Takeshi Young Salsa Dance Pose

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