My First Website

#Throwbackthursday! This is the very first website I created, sometime back in 1998. It was a website about a popular Mac RPG called Realmz, and it was my first foray in HTML and web design. It was originally hosted on Geocities (Area51/Hollow/3695) and moved around over the years until it’s final resting place on Tripod, […]

New Current/Past Contributor Feature In Google+

I just noticed that there is now a designator for “current contributor” or “past contributor” in the “Contributor To” section of Google+. Presumably this is for people who might have been contributors to a publication or a blog, but have since moved onto another company. My first thought was that this is related to Google […]

Why Getting Banned From Adsense Was The Best Thing That Happened To Our Business

In January of 2010, things were finally starting to look up for our business. After a year of diligently plugging away at our online business, we were able to grow our revenue to the point of earning a couple hundred dollars a day, not a lot by any means, but enough to convince us that […]