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Custom AI Generated QR Codes

The latest thing on AI Twitter this week has been the beta launch of QuickQR, a generative AI that creates artistic QR codes based on a QR code and a prompt.

I’ve been playing with the tool for the past half hour, and the servers already seem to be overloaded and it’s not generating any more codes.

I was able to generate a few QR codes before their server melted, but so far none have been actual working QR codes.

Dancer QR Code

QuickQR works by running prompts on Discord, similar to Midjourney and other tools. There is a variable –qrw, which I was able to figure out makes the image more like a QR code, the closer the value is to 1. There is also another variable called –steps, but haven’t been able to notice any visual differences using it yet (more details on their parameter list docs).

QuickQR Custom QR Code

Will update this post once their servers are working again.

UPDATE: Finally got one that works after 9 tries (–qrw 0.9, –steps 16)!

Dancers QR Code

Some strange things going on with some of the limbs, but at least the QR code works! The other ones it generated look pretty, but don’t actually work:

QuickQR AI QR Codes

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