How To Make The WordPress Twenty Eleven Theme Fully Responsive

Since the Google’s mobile update recently rolled out, I decided to update my salsa team’s website from the Twenty Ten theme which I’d been using to Twenty Eleven, which is very similar in terms of design, but more mobile friendly. Aside from transferring over some of the customizations I’d made to the previous theme, I […]

Facebook Like Drop March 2015

A few weeks ago Facebook announced that they would be changing the way Facebook likes are counted. Basically, the update makes it so that inactive accounts, that is accounts that have been voluntarily deactivated or memorialized accounts (deceased Facebook users), will no longer count towards the total number of likes for Facebook pages. Facebook claims […]

Experiments In Adding Social Profiles To Google+

A couple weeks ago, Rand Fishkin tweeted out a link to new guidelines that Google published for adding social profile links to your Knowledge Graph card: If you're in Google's Knowledge Graph, you can now get your social profiles included, too: — Rand Fishkin (@randfish) enero 16, 2015 I took a look at […]

Allvoices Changes Their Terms Of Service (And It’s Hilarious)

This morning I received an e-mail from Allvoices about a change in their terms of service. Allvoices, if you are unfamiliar with them, is a content farm site similar to As you can imagine, content farms like these have been hit hard by Panda and they are all struggling to survive in the new […]

Adding The Vary HTTP Header In WordPress

I finally finished building a mobile site for Salsa Vida SF, which was definitely a learning experience. Since responsive design sucks I used dynamic serving for the mobile site (using the Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin), and basically rebuilt the site from scratch, allowing me to completely re-optimize the site experience for mobile. One of […]

Why Amit Singhal’s Swiss Army Knife Isn’t Reassuring

Yesterday during the SMX West keynote, Danny Sullivan asked Amit Singhal (Google’s head of search) a question that has been on the minds of many webmasters lately: How is Google balancing the interests of users, who want answers immediately through Knowledge Graph, and the interests of webmasters, who provide the content for those answers. What […]