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Expanding Famous Album Covers Using Photoshop Generative Fill

The latest trend on AI Twitter has been using Photoshop’s newly released generative fill feature to expand iconic album covers past their original borders to imagine what might have lay just out of sight.

Some really good ones out there, including covers from Muse, Nirvana and The Beatles:

Generative Fill Gallery

I’ve seen people do the same with famous paintings as well, including the Mona Lisa & The Starry Night.

I’m constantly blown away by how creative people are with these new AI tools, and it pushes me to also think more creatively about how I can be using this tech.

In the spirit of trying everything out, I also tried expanding a few album covers. The first that came to mind from the salsa world was the iconic “Cosa Nuestra” cover from Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe:

Willie Colon Cover

Nothing too exciting (maybe I should throw a kaiju somewhere in the water?) but I can see some potential use cases, perhaps as a custom hero image for a blog post about salsa music, or to create a viral post aimed at the salsa community.

Worth exploring further!

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