How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site In Less Than 2 Minutes

I’ve been playing around with the new Site Speed Suggestions Tool that was released today for Google Analytics, and noticed a couple of issues that popped up on my WordPress site. One was that I needed to “eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content” and the other was that I needed to “leverage browser […]

SearchMetrics’ 2013 SEO Ranking Factors Are Useless

SearchMetrics just released an infographic on search ranking factors, and it’s a bunch of bunk. I won’t dignify them by linking to their site, but here’s an Imgur link if you want to lose some brain cells. Where to begin with this mess? First of all, the title of the infographic is misleading. “Ranking Factors” […]

Why Google Reader Shutting Down Is A Good Thing For RSS

In a little over a week, Google Reader will be shutting its doors for good, leaving me and thousands of others scrambling to find a replacement RSS reader. Like many others, I was pretty annoyed when I first heard the news that Google Reader would be shutting down, but as this article from Google Operating […]